Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Dedication seems like a never ending process as a parent.  You have this child that you love so much and you control so much of their every day life that sometimes you feel in control of their entire life.

You forget that,

God is the one that offers them grace.
God is the one that allows them to be in your family for however long he desires.
God already knows who they will become.
God already knows what He will say to them as they stand before his throne.  

And I often forget that without God, my child is nothing.

There have been countless times that I've prayed for these truths to be on my mind throughout each moment in my day.  There have been countless times that I've prayed for my heart to fully give my son to the Lord.  I pray that this desire never dies and that these prayers continue for the rest of my life.

In the beginning of March we publicly dedicated Fraz to the Lord in front of family, friends and our church community.  It was a great day of celebrating his life and our future hopes for him as a Christ follower.

The Missio Dei crew.

Yep, he's crying, I'm laughing.  Awkward and memorable all at the same time.

We had time to share with the friends and family that came to support us our hope and prayers for Mayes' and the man he will become.

Everyone in our group wrote on a rock their hope and prayer for Mayes.

 Our family.

 Surprise visit from Aunt Janni and Uncle Kevie.  So glad they could be there.

 The Grandmas (Nama and Grammy)

 The after party:  jumping on the bed.

 The girls.

 I hope I daily dedicate Fraz to the Lord and count each moment that I have with him as a gift from God.  

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