Wednesday, February 27, 2013


This past month has been pretty crazy with all the visitor's we've had!  Mayes has done amazing with the revolving door of our home.  Here are some pictures of all the people he's hung out with the last few weeks.  Be warned, here are a LOT of photos.  I couldn't decide, sorry!

Mayes and Cousin Kru

Cousin Adler teaching Mayes how to cause trouble.

Our sweet friend and neighbor.

A shared birthday celebration with Papa Schupra.

His first time eating banana cake (a Schupra favorite).

Meeting Uncle Phil and Aunt Becca.

Happy Birthday Papa Winks!   

We really weren't torturing them...I promise.

Meeting silly Uncle Andrew. 

Aunt Julie and Ben came for a visit!  We had so much fun. 

Sorry Ben that you have to wear that sweatshirt.  

Tanster and Mayser. 

Lavey, Tenny and Fraz.

Teeny, B to the L and Fraz.

The Apt.  (minus LJ, plus two minis) 

Tennyson, Mayes' new friend.


We said give kisses and this is what happened.  Bo, about to eat Fraz and Fraz blowing a kiss.  

Bo.  (I had to post this picture because he's so cute)

Gearing up for bath time!

We've been waiting for a long time to be able to take this photo.  So thankful for these boys!

Yep...they were riding the horse.  
(Read more about our time with the Parton's here)

We're so thankful for all the people that sacrificed a lot to come and meet Fraz and hang out with us.  We couldn't imagine life without each of you.  


  1. so many amazing pictures! that first one of fraz smiling melts my heart!
    um, the pic of bo... going in for a kiss... is hilarious.
    love you guys!

  2. So cute!! Hope we can meet your little man one of these days!!