Wednesday, March 27, 2013

what we know 2.0


You've been home for just about three months and it's crazy to think about how much you've changed in that time.  We've loved watching you grow and develop and seeing your personality come out.  We are so proud of you.  Although your changing everyday, here's what we know about you at this moment.

  • You do a speedy crawl when we yell "Go, go, go..."
  • You dance on command.
  • You know how to blow your nose.
  • You love to talk and try to say lots of words.  Some of the words you know are Mama, Dada, ball, more, all done, bye, papa, night night, bottle, nose, mouth and many more.  You try to say new words every day!
  • You think its really cool that you know how to wave and say, "bye, bye."   I think it's time for me to teach you a little about Nsync.
  • You are getting more opinionated about the food you like.
  • You put your hand up to your mouth to tell me when you're hungry.
  • You lick your fingers like there's chocolate on them.
  • Your favorite foods are blueberries and grapes (Pad Thai might be on the list soon).
  • You are finally getting more teeth.  Your top two teeth are popping through now.
  • You laugh for no reason when you're all by yourself.
  • You have become very fond of your blanky.
  • You can stand all by yourself.
  • You're cruising furniture like it's your job.
  • You don't like sleeping with a night light.
  • You like to throw food on the floor when you're eating.
  • You are obsessed with spoons of any kind.
  • You fake cough after you hear others cough and you usually cover your mouth (I will take credit for that).
  • You have a joyful heart.
  • You know that the University of Michigan is the team we cheer for the in the VanWinkle household.
  • You shout "Yay!" whenever you are excited about anything (a minimum of 10 days).
  • You have quite the arm on you and love to play catch.

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