Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I love Ethiopia.

Tonight I got an email from CHI saying that we are now in the stage to start collecting our Dossier paperwork.  I'm hoping this means that our social worker is done with our narrative and has sent it over to our placing agency for review!

My goal is to get everything done for the Dossier that I can before camp starts and my life is over for a few months!  I think it will be less stressful that way.  So I spent a few hours tonight organizing all the documents we have already collected, scanned them and email them to CHI for review.  We only have a few documents we're waiting on so I feel pretty good about our progress so far.

I also wrote our Letter of Intent which is a document for our Dossier.  This is a letter that adoptive parents write to the Ethiopian government telling them why you would like to adopt a child from their country.  When I was writing this letter I was reminded of how in love I am with the country, culture and people.  There are so many traditions that I'm excited to make a part of the our family someday soon!

After I finished the letter I searched through pictures from all my Ethiopia trips, just for fun.  It made me so excited to visit Ethiopia again and this time meet my child.  I picked a few pictures out that describe some of my favorite traditions and some of the things I love about Ethiopia.

Their macchiatos are to die for (Sorry, I know the cup looks gross in this picture).
This is their dessert, a lamb roasting ceremony.  

This is my friend Sisay. She is roasting beans and making coffee for the coffee ceremony.
Isn't it beautiful?  This was taken in Woliso, Ethiopia.
The food, yes the food.  I appreciate it's uniqueness.  I have a few dishes that I really like but I'm still working on the rest :)
The people.  I love the people, young and...
...old.  They're beautiful, kind and gentle.  
 Hopefully you learned a little bit about Ethiopia and can see why I love it so much!
Good news to come soon regarding our home study (hopefully).


  1. Love this post - so excited for you & not hard to see why you love Ethiopia so deeply!

    1. Thanks Rachel! I'm so excited to hear all about your new little nephews. I'm sure you're going to learn all the Ethiopian traditions so you can celebrate with them.

  2. Oh my goodness.
    I love, love, love it.
    I am drooling for a macchiato now, along with some good popcorn... and a scary outhouse with dogs growling outside as we try not to drop the flashlight/cell phone?

    Can't wait to take a joint trip with you & Davey someday with our kiddos.

    1. How did I forget to mention the scary experience with the dog. For sure one of my best Ethiopia memories! Joint family trips will be amazing! Can't wait.