Saturday, May 4, 2013

What we Know 3.0


You are getting so old!  Stop growing. are no longer a baby but a little boy.  I wish I could freeze time.  You are learning new things everyday and surprising me with what you know all the time.  I'm so thankful for you in my life.

You officially started walking on April 25 (more than 10 steps).
You love to cheers your drink.  At first you didn't take a drink after you would cheers, but now your getting the hang of it.
Your noises are starting to sound more like words now.  You try to repeat almost every word we say.
You get bright eyed and shout "Home!" anytime we walk in the door.
You love to go outside, especially to the park.
You tried sushi and a hot dog from the stand in the park and like them both.
You love to watch airplanes and birds flying in the sky.
You shout "No, no, no!" to any dog or squirrel you see thanks to your friends Tye and Kali who taught you that when they were babysitting.
You learned how to drink from a straw.
You transitioned from formula to milk with no hesitation, fuss or question!
You LOVE to read books these days.  Your favorites are written by Dr. Seuss and Sandra Boynton
We took our first visit to the library.  It didn't go over well because you like to be loud and crawl around everywhere.  We'll try again soon.
You learned how to fold your hands to pray.
You are absolutely obsessed with the beach and sand.  You don't even pay attention to me when you are there because you're so preoccupied by eating the sand and people watching.

I love you and I'm so proud of you.




  1. Awww, Zoe loves to read too! And Sandra Boynton is one of her favs as well! I can't believe Fraz is walking! Amazing! Zoe is still working on standing up without holding on to anything. Go Fraz!

    1. That's awesome - we really need to get these two together! Seriously, I think they would love each other. She'll get there quicker than you think. Enjoy the calmness while you can...Fraz is getting faster by the day and pretty soon he'll be able to out run me!

  2. I demand a video of walking... I can only imagine the cuteness.
    Miss you guys!

  3. There's supposed to be a video in the post! Not sure why it's not showing up...I'll see what I can do to fix it! Miss you.