Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break.

Every year since I was a freshman in high school we have gone on vacation to Destin, Florida over spring break.  Before Destin we never vacationed at the same place.  We did a lot of camping growing up and it was my parents goal to show us the entire US before we graduated from high school.  We got pretty close to accomplishing the goal but after discovering Destin, we were hooked.   I have so many memories there with my family and friends and I was so excited to bring Mayes to start his memories there as well.   We had a great trip, beautiful weather and great company.  Here is our Spring Break in photos.

First time touching the sand.

Obviously he loves it. 

He even thinks it taste good.  He just kept eating it...weird. 

Fraz loved the pool.  He kept sticking his face in the water. 

Pimpin ain't easy.

Easter Morning

 Nama and Fraz

The gang. 

 Easter egg hunt.

Papa's helping Adler. 

Nama's helping Fraz.

 Playing chase in the commons area.

Tired from chasing Papa!

 Mayes' first bike ride and it was a success.

 The wonderful parents, grandparents and vacation planners.  

Thanks for a wonderful trip!