Saturday, June 23, 2012


I have to admit, I'm getting a little anxious to see the face of our child(ren).  The days seem to go slow even though I'm incredibly busy with work.  I think part of it is that Dave has been doing all the adoption paperwork because of my schedule, which has made the process seem slower since I'm not actively working on it.  I'm so thankful to Dave though, he is amazing.

We've been waiting to receive our fingerprinting appointments which is a part of the I600a process.  They came today!  

Also, some of our best friends, Doug and Rachel, left this morning for Ethiopia to meet their baby boy for the first time.  They flew out of Chicago so we were able to spend time with them last night.  We are so excited for them and had a great time together.  Please pray for them on Friday, June 29th when they go to court to officially become parents of this sweet little baby. 

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