Tuesday, February 5, 2013

He's one.

This past Friday, February 1st, Fraz turned one!  Can you believe it?  I have a one year old.  Super weird and crazy.  I have to say, Thursday night I might have cried a little bit (cut me some slack it's my first kid)!

I didn't want to do anything over the top for his birthday but I wanted him to know the day was special.  Fraz's Aunt Brooke and cousins were in town which was really fun.  The more kids, the more excitement there is about little things.  Here's how we celebrated the day:  

It was a great celebration of Fraz's life.  We are beyond thankful that God has blessed us with him.  


  1. Love it! A fun celebration of an incredible boy.
    (And yes - weird that you have a one year old!!)
    (Also, I'm a little relieved that Fraz also hated his bday hat - ha!)

  2. I just read all of your posts on this little man... sorry I was a bit behind! But I just have to express once again how incredibly happy I am for you & Dave & your little family! I CANNOT WAIT to watch our little men grow up together... Mayes just seems like the most fun little guy! All the faces were incredible. Wow, what a blessed life we live!