Thursday, January 3, 2013

We're home.

We made it.  After 30 hours of traveling, we finally made it home to Chicago.  The trip went pretty well except for the last three hours which included lots of throw up, tears by me and him, advice given by "experienced parents" and lots of weird looks by other passengers.  It was a good moment when we exited the plane.

Our family was there to greet us with lot of excitement, love and signs.  Unfortunately, Fraz wasn't as excited and decided to sleep through the whole celebration.  Oh well!  We have lot of pictures to tell him all about it.

All ready to go home!

This was taken at the Addis airport right before a huge blow out went down.

Taking a snooze during our layover in Amsterdam.

We arrived! 

Our family waiting for us.

 Adler can't wait to meet his new cousin.

 There we are.

 So happy to be home.


All ready to go outside in the cold.

The VanWinkle Family.

The Schupra Family.

I cannot even begin to tell you how happy we are to be home, all together, at last.  


  1. awesome pictures - esp. love the one of you guys just coming through the doors at the airport!
    caption under davey & fraz sitting in the airport is PRICELESS.

  2. love that pic of him sleeping on the chair in the airport. such a cutie. glad you are all home. can't wait to meet him.

  3. Yay!!! Praise the Lord he is home!!!