Monday, January 21, 2013


Mayes has been home for just over three weeks now and we have so many "firsts" to share with you.  Although we've been in the house for most of those three weeks, when we have gone out it's been fun to watch him explore and experience new things.

 The first time he saw his room.

 The first time in his crib at home.  You didn't think it was that exciting, did you?

 His first piece of mail.

 His first Michigan game on new years day.

 His very first family walk.

 First time eating cake.  Thanks Kindra!

First time for chocolate!  It went over well if you were wondering.

 The first time to the zoo.  Unfortunately, he wasn't interested in the animals at all!

His first time to the park.

He liked the slide better than the swing.  Please note that in the swing picture he did have shoes on and they just fell off.  We aren't bad parents :)

Many more firsts to come!


  1. LOVE his little smile in his crib. Such a cutie!! (And his little feet on the slide are adorable too!)