Tuesday, November 6, 2012

day two.

To our surprise, we got a few more hours with Fraol the following day.  Day two was just as amazing as day one.  It was also the day that Fraol officially became a VanWinkle.  Here's the day in pictures.

 He's a smiley sleeper.

He hated laying on the blanket...he starts crying seconds after this photo was taken.

He's a finger sucker.  

  He loves his dad.

 He does this cute thing where he rubs his head on your shoulder.  I love it.

We got to spoon feed him.  He was pretty distracted but overall a good eater.

 2nd family photo.  Thanks Jessi for getting him to smile!

We're so grateful for our time with the Nurmi's.  It was fun to experience this together. 

 Doctor's visit


26.5 inches long

 We passed court!

 Celebrating with cupcakes.

 Last minute photo before departing for home.


  1. that smiley sleeping picture is amazing.
    so incredible that you guys had two days with fraol.
    love all the pics!

  2. congrats dad and mom! what a blessing he is already :)

    1. Bo and Fro:
      BFL (Brothers for Life)
      CMF (Cute Mini Friends)

  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing all of this. Beautiful. Congratulations! Fraol is so cute!!

    1. Thanks Carol! We are so excited get him home!