Thursday, October 4, 2012


Updates are lacking.
Sad, I know.

Here are the only updates I have for you:
1.  The Mini grew 1.5 lb. last month.

2.  Last month he had the flu but is better now.

3.  We got to send a picture of us to the orphanage for his nannies to hang above his crib.  Here's his first glance at his crazy parents!

4.  The courts are still closed.

We are hopeful that we will receive a court date in the next 3 weeks and that we'll be able to start planning our first trip to meet him.  That day seriously cannot come soon enough!

So long for now...


  1. So sweet you get to put your picture above his crib!!!

  2. super cute picture!
    we are praying right alongside you that those courts will OPEN and your date will come speeding along!
    yay for weight gain! keep it coming, little buddy!