Thursday, September 13, 2012


Dave and I are so blessed.  We have amazing family and friends who have sacrificially supported us throughout the adoption process.  A few weeks ago, our families threw an adoption fundraising shower for us, which happened to be planned on the exact day we accepted our referral.  Crazy, huh?  Since it's our first child and they asked guests to bring a donation towards our adoption cost for the amount that they would have spent on a gift for us.  With the cost of adoption being so high, this was a huge help.  Family and friends drove hours to celebrate and support us including one of my best friends who flew in from New York to surprise me.  The weekend was so exciting that it felt a little surreal.  Our parents and siblings planned a perfect party.  Every detail was thought out and special for Dave and I.  The theme was "mini hoopla" like my blog but also because I like things that are mini.  It was quite the celebration.  Here are some pictures from the day.

Just arriving and already snapping photos.

Introducing family and friends to the mini.

When you entered there were seating assignments.

Navy, Yellow and Gray are the colors for the mini's room and they were used for the shower as well.  Aren't they cute.  I loved the little burlap bag that says "a family is brewing" and is filled with Ethiopian coffee beans.  

All the table center pieces were themed by different times of the day.  They also had practical items that Dave and I will need when the mini comes home.  Check them out below:

 All the food was mini including the dessert.  Dave's Mom and sister made all the desserts.  They were delicious!

 We didn't get photos before people snatched up the desserts.

Handmade pinwheels decorated the food table.


  Family and party planners (we missed you Brumbacks)!

 The after party.

 Opening our cards filled with words of love and encouragement.  Don't let Dave's face fool you, he's excited.  He might be just a little sick of pictures.

Thanks to our family for the amazing celebration.  

Thanks to our family and friends for all their love, excitement, support and sacrifice.  

We love you guys.

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  1. Wish we could have been there. It's a spectacular looking shower and I LOVE the centerpiece ideas! Can't wait to meet him! Continuing to pray for your family's story.