Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just one week.

Don't forget.
Just one week from today...
Let the games begin! 

If you haven't started watching college basketball yet, you only have one week left. The Adoption March Madness Tournament starts Sunday, March 11th. Participation will be by donation only, so technically you can participate without paying.  Suggested donations are:

$10 for 1 bracket
$20 for 2 brackets
$25 for 3 brackets

We won't stop you at can fill out as many brackets as you'd like!  All donations will be given to the Adoption Ministry of YWAM (our placing agency).

Now to the good stuff.  We're sure you're wondering if there is a prize for the winner.  There is indeed.   

1st place will win 35% of the money raised up to $300.
2nd place will win 15% of the money raised up to $100

The brackets come out on Sunday, March 11th so until then we cannot give you details on how to join our tournament.  Participation details will be posted here as soon as the brackets are out.  It will be simple, we promise!

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