Tuesday, January 17, 2012

it happened.

It happened.  Today we had the first interview of our home study.  By my surprise, it was much easier than I thought it might be.  We spent last night at Starbucks "preparing" by reading through a 75 page document and talking through some questions we thought they might ask us.  Three questions.  Yep...that's all she asked us!  And phew, we knew all the answers.

It was a great meeting though.  It was good to meet our social worker in person.  She is very sweet and has a lot of experience with international adoptions.  I'm really glad to be working with her.

One thing she said that I keep thinking about is that she was surprised when she saw we were in an Ethiopia Program.  She said that last spring all of the families she was working with that were adopting from Ethiopia decided to adopt domestically because Ethiopia adoptions have slowed down drastically.  She also said that we are the first family that she's heard of adopting from Ethiopia in months.  I've been thinking about what she said all day and my conclusion is either we found the perfect placing agency (YWAM) to work with or there's a long road ahead for us.  Let's hope it's the first option!

Next items on the to do list...

Doctor's appointments
Lots of paper work
Dave's individual interview (scheduled for January 31st)


  1. THREE questions?! wow. so glad it went well! hooray for ywam! :)

  2. That is fantastic. We are praying for you and David.

    1. Thanks Grandma! Thanks for the card. I got it in the mail the other day and was surprised to hear that you've been emailing me. I have not received the emails and cannot find them anywhere in my spam! I'm so sorry about that. Hope you're excited about a new grandkid!